My Cruelty-Free Style + Eco-Vegan & Budget-Friendly Fashion Tips

Over the years, I've really experimented (for better or for worse) with fashion. My middle-school years were when I lived on 80's hand-me-downs. In high school, I tried both tighter, more revealing clothing (barf) in my first two years, while in my last two years I lived in jeans & polos.

In college, I dressed like a guy - big shirts, baggy sweats, basketball shorts. After college, I tried more of a girly style.

It's taken 26 years, but I've finally found a style that works for my body & makes me feel confident & powerful!

I'm def a creature of habit. Once I like something, that's all I do. I like routine, stability, & practicality. I don't like to experiment too much.

I have 3 main rules when it comes to fashion:

1. Comfort

If I can't sleep in it, I won't wear it.

2. Practicality

I need something that looks good in a variety of situations. In the same day, I could be going to work, running errands, meeting family, going on a date, etc. so my clothes need to be really versatile & easy to move around in. I can't be constantly adjusting myself.

3. Modesty

I know not everyone agrees when it comes to modesty. My idea of modest is nothing above the knees, no cleavage, & keeping my shoulders covered. It's a personal choice & I might talk about it at some point.

I'm inspired by so many different fashion styles - instead of just committing to one, I would rather incorporate a few pieces in my wardrobe here & there. I love Gyaru, Indian, boho, & more.

I would describe my style as LadyBoss. 

I'm not into colors or patterns; I prefer an overall neutral look with a pop of color in a piece or two. I don't really care for statement pieces; in fact, I'm more into the understated. I like things that don't grab a lot of attention, but only upon closer inspection can you tell that it's designer or some other special feature. My style reflects my personality - powerful, understated, simple, practical, & natural.

Above, I've taken pics of my go-to Autumn & Winter outfits. These are more "templates"; the actual pieces can vary.

Spring + Summer Essentials

- Floral hair pieces or headbands
- Lightweight leggings
- Sandals, flats, or flip-flops
- Flowy tops
- Cardigan or shawl for cool nights

Autumn + Winter Essentials

- Warm leggings or cable-knit tights
- Skinny jeans/corduroys
- V-neck tees
- Blazer, sweatshirt, or peacoat
- Scarves
- Gloves
- Boots
- Stretchy, fitted skirts (with leggings/tights & boots)

Since I have a bustier figure, I find that dresses are not really flattering. I also love a great bag - currently I have only one, but I'm looking to expand my collection. I also prefer more subtle, dainty jewelry, preferably something with a more spiritual meaning or other good message.

Part of my style is hair & makeup.

I have naturally curly hair which often has a mind of its own. A lot of people like for me to wear it down, but I never feel confident with it since I'm always fussing with it, trying to make it look "just so" & keeping it out of my face, which is a major pet-peeve of mine. I have tried ponytails, but I'm never satisfied with those either. I've just started wearing my hair in a bun (with a cute hair accessory - bows, flowers, clips) because I always feel good about myself when I have one. I don't really care what other people say - my own comfort & practicality takes precedence.

When it comes to makeup, I like soft, glowy skin, naturally full brows, full lips, & voluptuous lashes.


I do a semi-matte, semi-glowy look that has some contour (I have a round face) & a natural flush.


I fill in my brows, but don't overextend or overfill them. I just fill in my sparse areas. I prefer neutral colors & somewhat of a smokier look, but sometimes I will add a pop of color (purple is my favorite). I will occasionally just do a winged liner with bold lip, but my go-to is more glam eyes (with lashes for days) with a more subtle, but plump lip.


I love emphasizing my fuller lips, but I like a nude, pinky-nude, plum/wine/berry/, & deep red lip colors. Not too matte, not too glossy. 

That's pretty much how I dress everyday & I'm super happy - I've never felt more confident & honestly, I actually feel pretty. Now I'm going to share how I purchase my clothes & accessories for a cruelty-free wardrobe!


In the past I've bought my accessories from Icing or Claire's (I occasionally still do), but most of my accessories are gifts. When I do purchase, I will go to any number of shops listed on my Links & Resources page (linked above). I haven't had to purchase much lately, but going forward, I'm looking to purchase from smaller, independent companies.


This is how I purchase clothes:

1. Secondhand or hand-me-downs

2. Mid-range clothing stores (H&M, Target, Marshalls, etc.)

3. Save up for a piece or two from a high-end eco-vegan line.

I don't have any high-end pieces at the moment, but I'm doing a wardrobe cleansing so I'm hoping to add a few pieces.

So how do you purchase animal- & Earth-friendly clothes?


- Leather
- Wool
- Silk
- Angora
- Pashmina/Cashmere
- Suede
- Real feathers/down
- Reptile skins
- FUR!!!
- Limit synthetics

Instead, Buy:

- Secondhand (I love Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads, & Plato's Closet)
- Natural fibers (organic where you can), such as cotton, hemp, & bamboo
- Fair-trade/sweatshop free
- All-/mostly-vegan designers

I hope you found this long-ass post helpful! Let me know in the comments if you have any tips!




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