Cruelty-Free & Vegan Haul: Target & Whole Foods

I picked up a few new cruelty-free & vegan items from Target & Whole Foods (which I don't go to very often as the nearest one is 30 minutes away, so this is a special occasion) & I thought I would share them with you!

From Target, I picked up a box of 48 BioBags, compostable trash bags made from non-GMO crops. We had been using regular trash bags for so long & the price was comparable, so we decided to switch over. Unfortunately, I accidentally picked up the small ones which were $7.69 so I'll have to get the bigger size next time.

From Whole Foods, I picked up several items.

First, I grabbed toothpaste. I usually go for the one at Trader Joe's as it has similar ingredients for a lower price, but I was already there so I grabbed the Tom's Of Maine Propolis & Myrrh Fluoride-Free Toothpase for $4.99.

Next, I needed mouthwash so I picked up my very favorite Tom's Of Maine Wicked Fresh mouthwash for $5.99.

I was going to need some body moisturizer soon & while I typically reach for thicker creams & butters this time of year, I was intrigued by these Herban Cowboy body lotions which were on sale for $7 each. I will be reviewing them here so stay tuned!

 Finally, this box of Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar Flavor Squares caught my eye & for $3.49 I picked up a box. I don't know about you, but I was a Cheez-It junkie back in the day so I was uber excited to finally get to try these!

(Spoiler Alert: These were a fail. Okay fine, not totally horrible, but were less crunchy & more bland so I was disappointed at the lack of flavor. I wouldn't purchase them again, but I wouldn't totally refrain from eating them. On the plus side, John loved them so there you are.)

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