Spotted At Trader Joe's: Vegan & Gluten-Free Bread!

If you're vegan & gluten-free, you may as well give up on bread unless you're next-door neighbors with Whole Foods. But guess what I found at my local Trader Joe's?

Brown Rice Bread by Food For Life, the makers of Ezekial Sprouted Grain Bread! Say whaaat? Trader Joe's brought their A-game!

It isn't a super big loaf & the slices are laughably small, but their dense texture more than makes up for it; it's still really filling!

It doesn't toast super well, but it's not bad. The price point was just under $5, but I make it last 2 weeks.

Gluten-free bread often uses egg as a binder, making it hard if you're avoiding animal products. I always choose vegan first, so I dealt with the bloating & cramps from eating wheat & gluten. But, no more!

Make sure you check your local Trader Joe's & let me know in the comments if your store carries it! If you've tried this product before, tell me what you think!

If this is her idea of an offering to the feline gods, she's lost her mice.

Well if your species chooses this over kibbles, you're doomed.

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