Vegan-Friendly Finds At Your Local Indian Store!

During a recent trip to my local Indian grocery store - New India Bazar, heyyy - I was surprised & pleased to discover that the dairy-obsessed Indians now began to accept plant-based milks! Within a vast aisle of dairy products such as whole milk, plain yogurt, kulfi, & paneer stood one lone row of Silk soy milk. Hey, it's a start, so I'll take it! It piqued my interest & I began searching for other vegan options to share with you!

Review: Sambazon Breakfast Blend

Having just reviewed the Sambazon Protein Drink, I'm rather relieved to bring you a Sambazon product that I did enjoy.

Review: Sambazon Protein Drink

As someone who is consistently on the go (classes three times a week, working full-time), I'm always looking for quick, yet healthy meals I can eat or drink while driving or on short 10-minute breaks. So, when I recently spotted this Sambazon protein drink (as well as another drink reviewed in another post), I picked it up since I was lured in with promises of chocolate & coconut.

Don't Bother Trying This: Health Warrior Protein Bar

I'm a huge fan of bars - portable & convenient packages of health & deliciousness - & Health Warrior Chia Bars tops my list. So when I saw they had a vegan & gluten-free protein bar, I knew I had to see if how it compared to my beloved. I purchased this from Safeway for just under $3 & I must say, it is SO not worth it. It's seriously underwhelming. I was expecting a rich, chocolate-peanut butter combo, but instead, it tasted fruity. I also was not a huge fan of the gritty & grainy texture. It was difficult to bite into & hard to chew. Personally, I didn't care for it & if you see this in your health food aisle, my suggestion would be to skip it.

Gardein Mini Crabless Cakes: Revolutionizing Vegan Seafood!

Gardein is easily one of my fave faux meat companies. Aside from being affordable & accessible, I love how their products are focused on health as well as taste. While most Gardein products are not gluten-free or soy-free, I wanted to give a quick shout-out to this bad boy that I recently had a chance to try. DUUUDE. These are SO spot-on. Much like their fishless filets, which I also love, these have an undeniable & indescribable flavor accuracy. Basically, if you were a big sea-life eater as I once was, you will seriously DIE when you try these! Okay, maybe not literally. In all seriousness, go try these ASAP & enjoy the mercury-free, guilt-free, & cruelty-free taste!

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Safeway Organics Kombucha

If you know me, then you know I am a huge fan of the health benefits of kombucha! Unfortunately, kombucha can be costly - upwards of $4 a bottle! Well, here to save the day (as well as your wallet), is Safeway's house brand of kombucha! At only $2.99 a bottle, it's over $1 less than most kombucha brands!


Well, I did it. After over a year of growing my hair out, I made the decision last month to chop it off. 

DON'T Buy This Hair Dye!

It's very rare that I hate a product enough to vehemently rant about my shitty experiences online, but this is one of those exceptional cases.

Review: So Delicious Cashew Milk Ice Cream

Why am I always late to the party? After being bombarded on social media about how amazing the new So Delicious Cashew Milk Ice Cream (dairy-free + vegan!) was, I finally found them at my local Safeway. At just about $5 each for four servings (who am I kidding, I could eat the whole thing), they are definitely a once-in-a-while splurge. My store had two flavors in stock: Snickerdoodle & Salted Caramel.

Review: Dr. McDougall's Gluten-Free Organic Maple Whole Grain Oatmeal

I'm not typically one for processed, instant meals (okay, sometimes I am) so when I found this product at Safeway for a hefty $3, I wondered if it compared to the little packets of Quaker Instant Oats in the crazy, unnatural flavors. So, naturally, I bought it to try.

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