Close-Up + Swatches: Mineral Fusion Lipsticks (Peony & Ruby)

Mineral Fusion has quickly become one of my most favorite makeup brands. They are completely cruelty-free, non-toxic, & vegan-friendly. I recently decided to give their lipsticks a try & picked up two shades to test out. I expected the shades to be quite bold, but I was quite surprised by how wearable they were!

Goddess Provisions November 2017 Box!

If you're looking to add some high-vibe spiritual products into your life, I highly recommend Goddess Provisions! From food, beauty, & other wellness items, this box has everything & more! Let's check out what I received in the November 2017 box!

Nourish Beauty November 2017 Box!

If you're looking to transition into cruelty-free, non-toxic, vegan beauty, I highly recommend the Nourish Beauty Box! Not only do all the products fit all of the criteria, but you'll get a variety of products (including a new nail polish every month!) all of which are full-size! Let's see what was included in the November 2017 box!

Teri Miyahira November 2017 Beauty Box!

If you love high-end department store makeup, but don't love the animal testing & toxic ingredients, you need to check out Teri Miyahira Beauty! She launches new, limited-edition makeup products through her monthly subscription box, so it's a great way to add high-quality makeup into your collection. Let's check out the amazing products included in the November 2017 box!

Teri Miyahira November 2017 Capsule Collection

Ever since subscribing to the Teri Miyahira Makeup Box,  I've become a huge fan of her department store-quality makeup. When I found out she had also launched a new type of box - the Capsule Collection - I signed up right away! The Capsule Collection also contains makeup products, but in pan form. You can simply pop these into some empty magnetic palettes, such as the Z-Palette. Let's check out the very first box I received - the November 2017 box!

Vegan Cuts November 2017 Beauty Box!

If you're looking to try some cruelty-free & vegan beauty products, whether it be makeup, skincare, or haircare, you should look into signing up for a Vegan Cuts Beauty Box! Every month you'll receive around 5 full-size & deluxe sample-size beauty products from brands both familiar & new. Let's check out what I received in my November 2017 box!

Close-Up + Swatches: Terre Mere Midnight Eyeshadow Collection

With the holidays upon us, creating makeup looks can be half the fun of parties! Not only are there plenty of Christmas parties, but New Year's is right around the corner! What says holidays more than a deep, dark, sultry smokey eye? This collection by Terre Mere in Midnight is perfect for creating a holiday look!

Close-Up + Swatches: Teri Miyahira Blush Duo (Conquer)

In my most recent makeup tutorial, I featured this beautiful blush duo by Teri Miyahira in the shade Conquer. This plum-based duo is perfect for the holidays!

Haul: Ashi Box

With my recent spiritual awakening, I've been seeking out items to support my Vedic lifestyle. I've discovered Ashi Box, a subscription service which includes Hindu spiritual items from India. While the subscription part of it is currently on hold, I picked up three individual boxes: The Ganesha Box, The Mystery Box, & The Lakshmi Box. Let's see what was included!

Close-Up + Swatches: Peony Cosmetics Hydrating Lip Tint (Amaryllis)

Most tinted lip products offer little to no pigmentation on the lips, however, not only is the Peony Cosmetics Hydrating Lip Tint in Amaryllis smooth & moisturizing, it also packs a punch!

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