Close-Up + Swatches: Seraphine Botanicals Conscious Color

Spring is the time I typically lighten up my makeup routine - switching over to powder foundation, less heavy eyeliner, & more soft & luminous shades of pink & purple, in addition to neutral taupes. A glowy eye look is always stunning this time of year. To create a luminous eye look, I'm currently enjoying the Seraphine Botanicals Conscious Color Eyeshadow Base. Despite the labeled use, I think this product works fine on its own as an eyeshadow duo, but you can certainly use these to amp up a look!

Dupe Alert! More Alternatives For Benefit Benetint!

Yes! There are even more dupes for the cult-classic, Benefit Benetint! These two products have a similar application process to the conventional, toxic product. If you're ready to eliminate toxins & animal cruelty from your makeup routine, check out these two options!

Close-Up + Swatches: Terre Mere Jeweled Dusk Eyeshadow Collection

Now that we're full-swing into Spring, I am all about the jewel-tones. Whether it's makeup or fashion, the richness of these opulent colors is unmatched. To create this look on my eyes, I'm obsessed with the Terre Mere Jeweled Dusk Eyeshadow Collection!

Everyday Minerals Austin Travel Diaries

One of my favorite brands for mineral makeup is Everyday Minerals. I get super excited when they release special-edition sets because you can get eyeshadows that (IMO) will last you a lifetime! Because mineral makeup is so concentrated, you use less than a conventional eyeshadow! I'm currently in love with their Makeup Diaries sets which are inspired by various parts of the world. I recently featured their Austin Makeup Diaries in a GRWM which created two beautiful looks!

Beauty Review: Peony Cosmetics Cult Lashes Mascara

Finding a non-toxic mascara that performs similarly to a conventional mascara can be a bit difficult. Non-toxic mascaras typically are more low-impact & not as dramatic. One mascara that performs as well as conventional is the Peony Cosmetics Cult Lashes Mascara. Not only is the packaging on-point, but the formula is too!

DUPE ALERT! Benefit Benetint Non-Toxic Alternative!

In the makeup & beauty world, there are many products which are considered as 'cult' classics or favorites - meaning these products have a huge following. One such product is the Benetint by Benefit, a red multi-use liquid which gives the lips & cheeks a rosy red tint. Well, if you want to replicate that look with clean ingredients & a cruelty-free brand, this product would make a great alternative!

Close-Up + Swatches: Teri Miyahira Cream Illuminator (Sunny)

When it comes to skin, matte is out & glow is in! At least for me. I live for that lit-from-within glow! The product that delivers that glow flawlessly is the Teri Miyahira Cream Illuminator in the shade Sunny.

Close-Up + Swatches: Lotus Herbals Indian Lip Products

Despite being Indian, I've actually never tried Indian makeup brands. When it comes to Indian beauty products, it's important to be cautious - the little-to-no regulation means any amount of toxic substances can easily make their way into their products. One brand I've really been intrigued by is Lotus Herbals. This ayurvedic, botanical beauty brand also happens to be cruelty-free & 100% vegetarian! I recently purchased a few of their lip products - Seduction Lip Gloss, Moist Petals Lipstick, & Pure Colors Lipstick.

Close-Up + Swatches: Let's Put A Bird On It Unicorn Dust

If there's anything I love more than glowing skin, it's crazy-good glowing skin. That's why I'm currently obsessed with this creme highlight that quickly slipped under my radar - I totally didn't expect to be impressed, but WOW!

Close-Up: 100% Pure F20 Blush Brush

One of the things I've been wanting to try from one of my fave cruelty-free & natural brands, 100% Pure, is their makeup brushes. I was beyond excited to see the F20 Blush Brush included in a recent subscription box!

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