Product RAVE! Schar Gluten-Free Bread

If you're mainly gluten-free like I am, you know what a b***** it is to find vegan gluten-free bread that doesn't have the taste or texture of cardboard. I have resigned myself to limiting bread because of this, even though I am practically a bread-a-vore. But, BEHOLD - I found this amazing slice of heaven (see what I did there?) at my local Safeway & I am ADDICTED!

Life Update! Summer 2015 + I'm Back!

Long time no blog! I have so missed sitting with my coffee & just writing & I promise, I did not intend to take A WHOLE MONTH off! Eeek! How time flies! I thought I would take the opportunity to do a life update to let you know where I've been & what my plans are for this blog as well as the rest of my social media!

Current Skin Care Products I'm LOVING!

I wanted to quickly share the skincare products I have been using for the past several weeks & OMG I LOVE them! They have helped clear up the detox acne I was having & they just feel SOOO good! They are incredibly refreshing in this warm weather & my my skin SUPER soft! This is NOT a sponsored post by any means - but if you're struggling with acne or any skin issue, I HIGHLY recommend this cruelty-free, natural, and vegan set of products by Yes To Cucumbers!

Check-In #1: 1-Month Weight Loss + Healing On Raw Till 4, HCLF, 80-10-10 Vegan

I've already done an in-depth update of my new lifestyle on my Youtube channel, but I thought I'd take a moment to actually give you some numbers!

I'm Doing FullyRawKristina's "Love My Body" 14-Day Summer Challenge & 5 Reasons You Should Too!

From June 8-June 21 (2015!), I'll be participating in FullyRawKristina's Love My Body Challenge! While I already eat high raw (the challenge asks you to eat at least one completely raw meal a day!), I'm doing this more for the motivational videos. While I strive to treat my body with the utmost respect, I have years of damage I need to recover from. The negative thoughts, while less intense, still creep up & I'm using this challenge for inspiration for recipes & for helping me heal. The challenge is FREE & participating could land you a prize. Go to Kristina's website to sign up & read up on the details! Not sure if this challenge is for you (it's the first challenge of hers I'm participating in)? Here are 5 reasons you should participate!

Review: Blossom Vegan Restaurant

One of the reasons I love living in the Bay Area is the plethora of vegan restaurants near me! One place I got to try last weekend is Blossom Vegan, located in Pleasanton which is about 20 minutes from me via freeway.

Labeling My Spirituality

Have you ever been asked what religion you are? I always feel like it's a "polite" way to find out whether or not you believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I get asked this question all the time & my go-to answer is simply "I'm spiritual, not religious", which, in essence, is as close as I can get to ever defining my spiritual beliefs.

Naturally Sukirti Goes Natural, 100%!

Alright ... so one of the things that has always been a goal of mine, but I haven't really stuck to is being more eco-friendly & using more natural products. I'm quite good about using natural, chemical-free, non-toxic household cleaners, & most beauty products. I'm not as great with makeup. Well, no more! I've been inspired to clean out my makeup! I'm not getting rid of it, but using it up with a bit more gusto! I'm devoting myself to clean ingredients only! If I can clean up my diet, I can clean up my beauty routine!

In terms of other aspects of my life such as home products & clothing, it can be extremely difficult to find chemical-free sofas & clothes. While it will always be a priority for me, this isn't about perfectionism. It's about doing the absolute best I can with what I have & know. I can control which beauty products to buy because there are natural brands popping up everywhere, but there's not a huge market for non-toxic area rugs. As always, I will do as much research as I can before purchasing.

For now, you can look forward to completely natural beauty videos & posts!

Beauty Review: Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Having already tried Urban Decay's De-Slick Setting Spray, which throughly disappointed me, I decided to try their All Nighter Setting Spray as well, just to see how it compared to the other.

Has Freelee The Banana Girl Gone Batshit Crazy?!

Freelee The Banana Girl has never been one to shy away from the outrageous & controversial. From calling out Youtubers & their shitty, corpse-laden diets to getting sued by an Insta-Celebrity, she's never really had much of a filter on her mouth. But now, she's been making some pretty interesting videos on her channel that have really riled up the vegan & non-vegan community alike & have created a divide even amongst the vegan community. So what are my thoughts? Is she justified in wishing death on meat-eaters & feeling superior or is she shaming the vegan movement?

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