CURRENT OBSESSION: Peony Cosmetics A Fig Deal Eyeshadow Palette

It's not everyday that a product's intended purpose makes no sense yet the product itself is still AMAZING. 

Close-Up: Teri Miyahira Appeal Transformer

My go-to eyeliners have typically been in pencil form, although lately I've been experimenting with liquid versions as well. One formula I have yet to really try is a cream eyeliner. I recently have been dabbling with this Appeal Transformer by Teri Miyahira

Beauty Review: Mineral Fusion Waterproof Mascara

Since switching over to natural beauty, I've noticed there are not that many waterproof mascaras on the market. To be honest, I never sought one out. Even while using conventional products, I was never a fan of the hard-to-remove texture. But is this mascara any better?

Close-Up: Jemini Beauty Brushes

What could be trendier than unicorns? Mermaids! What better way to show off your obsession with aquatic mythology than with cruelty-free (vegan) makeup brushes? I adore my set by Jemini Beauty! Not only are they super cute, but they support a good cause!

Close-Up + Swatches: Thistle Organics Berry Nude Blush

One of my time-saving makeup hacks? Using a shimmery blush to skip highlighter! This blush is perfect for creating a luminous, pink glow!

Close-Up + Swatches: Peony Cosmetics Eyeshadow Trio

One of the easiest ways to glam up a look is to add gold eyeshadow. This Peony Cosmetics Shadow Trio has the most perfect gold shade as well as two other colors to complement the look!

My Seraphine Botanicals Coconut Lipgloss Collection

It's not often that I am impressed with a beauty product. Call me hard-to-please, but I really have high standards for products that make larger-than-life claims. Well this is one product that has FAR exceeded my expectations!

Close-Up Teri Miyahira #1 + #17 Brushes

High-quality, cruelty-free (synthetic) makeup brushes are actually quite difficult to come by. I've lately been enjoying these brushes by Teri Miyahira - not only are they vegan, but they are so beautiful!

Lotus Herbals EcoStay Collection

Lotus Herbals is an Indian cosmetics brand that is 100% vegetarian & cruelty-free. They also claim to be a natural brand, which intrigued me as I prefer not to use toxin-filled makeup. I decided to try three products from their EcoStay collection which I documented in a video. If you are interested to hear specific thoughts on the products & see them in action, be sure to check it out!

Worth The Hype? RMS Luminizers

In the green beauty community, if there's one brand that is recommended most often, it is RMS. Beyond that, it seems that their most hyped-up & beloved product is their luminizer - a creamy highlighting product. I recently got my hands on the limited-edition RMS Beauty Luminizer X Quad which includes 4 shades of their luminizers in a travel-friendly & testable format. So are they worth the hype?

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